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Minutes; Feb. 23, 2021  (Zoom)

Members Present ;


Meeting called to order by President Lance Cuthill, VE7LOC, at 7:30 PM. Meeting started with a rundown of the rules concerning a not-for-profit society, of which we are one. Due to technical difficulties minutes from last meeting were not read out, but tabled until the next meeting.

Move to adopt opening message and tabling of minutes by VA7GSJ, seconded by VE7KFR.

Call for sick or injured members:
Names offered up include; Tom H. VA7CSH, battling cancer, Lance C. VE7LOC, Chronic Leukemia, Stu Stephenson VE7CRL, mother recently passed away, VE7STF, recent stroke, and VE7AGB (Creston) afflicted with Dementia. Prayers and thoughts to all concerned and their families.

Treasures Report:

Treasure's report read through by Treasurer VE7NEK. Report adopted and seconded by VE7NEK and VE7DYE (respectively)Discussion was raised about club dues. It was bought forward that the last time dues were raised was in late 1980. Current dues do not adequately cover club expenses, and the issue of raising dews was discussed. A couple of different dues increases was brought up and discussed and the final outcome was a motion to increase dues from the current $24. Per year up to $30. Per year.

Motion to accept and adopt this increase was made by VE7NEK and seconded by VE7KPB. Moved by VE7GSJ to amend the motion to increase the dues to $36 per year, seconded by VE7KJL. The amendment was passed. The original motion as amended was voted on and accepted. Membership dues will now be $36. Per year, payable Apri1, of each year.

New and prospective members;

Kevin Lewis VE7KJL, Wesley Painter, Brian Veitenheimer, Dan Hamilton, Rick, Chris Carpenter.

Commitee Reports;

President VE7LOC gave a report of the state of the club, its assets, and how things were progressing. This report was on the subject of our updating our repeater system. Baker up and running, still a few very minor glitches and will be corrected when the roads clear enough for our tech to get to the mountain top. It appears as though our Creston ( Mt Thompson) repeater has failed and is no longer working. This will be the installation of the next repeater replacement, as soon as we can get access to the mountain top.

Doug VA7QZ gave a report on the grant progress as supplied by the RDEK. Missing the weather window, along it has been necessary to ask the RDEK for and extension on the time line work was supposed to be done. He has been assured we will be given the time to do the work, as RDEK understands the situation. Work on both repeaters will be done as soon as possible.

Because of medical problems the EOC coordinator VA7CSH was unable to give his report, but VE7LOC gave the report on his behalf. The EOC radio room is equipped with our radios, radios donated by B C Ambulance, and RDEK radios. It is hoped we can get all radios, ours and RDEKs into the radio room so everything is in one place.

A plea for members to step up and volunteer to take part in the radio center if and when we get activated.

New Business;

It was brought forward that our radio club is registered under the BC Societies act and we must abide by their rules and regulations. Some of which are regarding meetings, election of officers. Members were reminded that we are exempt from regulated licensing fees by the government because we are expected to step up and offer our services for emergency communications should we be called upon.

Nomination of officers; President, no nominations for this position.

‍Vice president, no nominations for this position. Because of medical reasons current V P has given notice he is stepping down, so a new V P will have to be found.

Treasurer, only one member put up his name to take the position. That being Gavin VE7GSJSecretary, Because of medical reasons it is not known how long current secretary will be able to continue. A couple of nominations were put up for consideration; VA7QZ – declined, VE7MRP –declined.

Repeater council, VE7MRP gave a report from the Repeater council of BC, updating where ne repeaters are being installed. And the types of repeaters, ie: analog vs digital.

North repeaters;

With the current problems with the Invermere repeater, and the members working to keep it going they were asked if they would form a formal committee to oversee this repeater, and possibly find a new home for it. They have agreed to take this on formally. VE7GSJ, VA7BAJ, VE7MRP VA7JFX VE7KPB VE7DYE want to be part of that committee.

Because of the lack of response for officers it was moved, seconded, and adopted to form a nominating committee. VE7NEK volunteered to take this on.

Moved by VE7KFR to adjurn.

Foot note;

New member Kevin Lewis, VA7KLT has approached VE7LOC enquiring about taking on the duties and job of our EOC coordinator. VE7LOC and myself VA7CSH have agreed this would be a better fit, given my health.2nd foot note. In regards to the contest the club was holding, the winners were determined by myself this morning. Club member Kathy, VE7KFR chose the winning numbers at random prior to the contest announcement. She and myself were the only ones who knew what those winning numbers were.

Winners are:

#1 Vibroplex Original 178171 CW Bug Kevin Lewis VA7KLJ#2Ham Key Ham Radio Centre Inc. Paddle Brian Veitenheimer VA7VEB#3 MFJ Deluxe electronic Keyer MFJ 8044IC Kevin Lewis VA7KLJ#4 12 years of original ARRLQST/QEX/NCJ on CD Rom Randy Miller VE7CRX#5 C W Key w/Heathkit Code Oscillator HD-1416 Randy Miller VE7CRXWinners to be announced during the Thurs night net.


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